Tulum Transportation Guide

For your visit to Tulum, there are a variety of transportation options to the La Veleta area and to / from the beach and Tulum Centro.  Each one has a set of pro's and con's that we've provided here to give you the best possible experience.  These of course vary by your budget and comfort level with scooters / motorcycle safety and speed.



Bicycle rentals are a great way to get around at low cost and get a healthy workout.  Average bike rentals in Tulum are  around . Bike rental costs in Tulum average around $10 per day, our favorite vendor is Ola Bike prices here.  Bike condition and quality can vary widely, these are often bikes that have been rented and ridden extensively.  Make sure to lock your bike carefully and ideally within a beach club or near a restaurant / apartment as bike thefts are not uncommon.  


Car Rentals

Car rentals in the Riviera Maya area have a history of bad service and scams.  We do not ever recommend car rentals at Cancun airport when you are at your most critical juncture of a long journey to Mexico and Tulum.   Car rental scams at Cancun Airport are reported the most frequently and you can easily rent cars in a more calm environment in Playa Del Carmen (1 hour from Tulum) and Tulum itself.  The average "big company" price for car rentals is $20-$40 per day regardless of the rental period.  You will absolutely be required to buy rental car insurance at $20 per day and it is sometimes bundled into the price.  We do not recommend "America Car Rental" based on frequent scam complaints.  We have used "Alamo Car Rental" with reasonable (slow) service and decent prices.  If you rent a car, message us for a recommended local partner who provides older vehicles at reasonable prices (Approximately $600 per month) and that include insurance in that price.  The vehicles are delivered to Tulum from Playa del Carmen.  Vehicle selection in Tulum is highly limited due to the size of the village and is often slanted to manual transmission stick shift cars.  Parking at the beach can be difficult and costly and in Tulum Centro parking spots are highly limited.   Finally, there are many unpaved roads in Tulum with large potholes and standing water.  Notably the "shortcut" road "Itzamna" through Aldea Zama's side entry.  Cars can be very challenging to move over these roads and should be driven slowly for safety and to avoid a time consuming and costly flat tire.



All of the same items above apply, the cost is triple or more and selection is very difficult to find in Tulum.  If you reserve an SUV - there is no guarantee the agency will have an SUV and they are likely to "down sell" you to a small car.



Motorcycle-Scooter / MotoScooter

Between a bike and a car, this is the best hybrid option.  Rental cost is around $20 per day with the potential for weekly or monthly discounts.  Check the Facebook group "Tulum Expats" for people offering "direct" scooter rentals.  Keep in mind that a scooter is far less safe than a car.  Accidents are common and serious injury is possible.  A scooter goes up to 50+ mph and helmets are required by law.  When possible on Ave Coba to the beach, we recommend leaving space for cars to easily pass to reduce your risk.

Recommended scooter contacts:  

Arturo +52 984 268 7986 rough estimate approximately $8000 pesos/month.  

Abel +52 984 134 7489

7 day rental contact: 3500mxn rental+500mxn delivery+3000mxn deposit  https://scooterclubcancun.com
Email: info@scooterclubcancun.com  Monthly:  12000mxn rental+3000mxn deposit

A 4 wheel off-road quad is probably the best possible option of all.  Rates range $60-$100/day:  WhatsApp contact in Tulum:  +52 984 806 9798

Scooter (Electric / Skateboard type)

A new option in Tulum, these electric based skateboard type vehicles are a great new option that people seem to really enjoy.  Costs are still new, likely $10-$15 per day.  We have seen these driven on the unpaved roads also and they go around 10-15 mph.  Helmet recommended!