Here are our best tips as long-time visitors to Tulum and residents of the La Veleta neighborhood.  Please let us know if we can help in any way.


Grocery Shopping:

  • The major grocery in Tulum is Chedaurai, located on Ave Coba (The “T” road to the beach).   It’s a bike-friendly trip, but for larger amounts of groceries we use a taxi.  Taxi fares are highly variable, but around $100p each way is typical for this trip or can range as low as 50-70p with negotiation.   It’s best to always ask the fare for your trip which you can show on Google maps before getting in taxis.

    • The top high-end grocery with a very large selection of natural and organic items is Gypsea Market (similar to USA Whole Foods).  The Market also includes an adjacent café. 

  • The major delivery service is  Roughly 80% of all Tulum restaurants can be delivered on this service, and it is direct to your room door.

    • Check out the excellent by-the-ounce salad vendor, it’s on Tulum Ave (307) and Tomato delivery.  Eat Liefs is a popular vegan restaurant on Tomato and Ave Coba.

  • WhatsApp is the primary communication in Tulum, you can contact almost any restaurant or service via Instagram messaging.

  • Café’s for Breakfast and Lunch:

    • La Pebeta is the top hang-out for digital nomads on Calle 7 near the apartment.  It’s a busy Latin American café open only for breakfast and lunch.

    • Italdo is the top Italian café in the area and with extremely fast WiFi. 

  • Recommended CoWorking Services:  Typical cost is $15-$20 per day for a change of pace, networking, etc.


    • Digital Jungle is a complex of restaurant / co-working and shops / coaching.

  • Transportation

    • There is extensive shopping in Playa del Carmen.  It's about $5 each way on the ADO bus (website) or $1 each way on the shared Collectivo vans.  The trip takes 1-1.5 hours each way.​

  • Activities:

    • Yoga at Holistika - Holistika is a hotel / yoga complex near the hotel and very highly recommended.

    • Cenotes - Underground freshwater cave / rivers - not to be missed.   Recommended tours available.​

    • Akumal Turtles Snorkling - Swim with turtles, about 10 miles on the collectivo from Tulum

  • Dinner restaurants

    • Outdoor Food Court1:  Palma Central - Live music and 10-15 food stands of many cuisines.

    • Outdoor Food Court2:  Xaman Ha - Downtown Pueblo, similar set up.

    • At the intersection of Calle 7 (“main road”) and Calle 6 Sur (Panoramic road) is a taco stand that we highly recommend.  It is available 7pm-11pm every night.

    • Canova is a mid-range Italian restaurant, located right across from La Pebeta. 

    • La Pizzine is in the same area and is a popular night-time place for drinks and food.

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